High-saturation delivery

Meeting your goals with high-saturation delivery

Megson Rowe Delivery Inc. is a full service distribution and logistics company. We are dedicated to providing professional, reliable and courteous delivery services nationwide. We pride ourselves on Honesty, Integrity and being a Turnkey Delivery Service, by maintaining the highest standards in our industry at all times.

We utilize cutting edge technology, both in the office and out in the field. In house we create up to date, highly detailed maps and route sheets. Through our maps and routing software we have the ability to add address specific delivery. By doing so we can isolate specific Do-Not-Deliver locations along with those that are of high importance. Our distributors carry GPS tracking devices which allows us to record each carrier as they deliver. Certifying complete saturation.

We also provide independent phone verification audits. Contact is made at random to businesses and residences to certify a distribution was completed satisfactorily. High importance deliveries can also be contacted to ensure proper delivery. We do this as an added benefit for our clients' piece of mind.

We take care of your product as if it is our own, from the time we receive it through to the end of the delivery process. We are confident that from our provided services your product will reach its intended recipients in a timely manner. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing how we can help your business reach its potential customers.